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Stress is feeling physical or emotional tension that arises due to several factors. It can occur in situations of anger, frustration, or nervousness. 

A person suffering from stress faces health-related issues like irregular sleeping habits, improper diet, and even exercise. A good percentage of students experience considerable amounts of stress that takes a serious toll on their mental and physical well-being. 

Research conducted by the American Psychological Association (APA) reveals that teens suffer from the same stress levels as adults. Much of the stress in students arises due to school and other activities, family, and the societal pressure that urges them to excel and stand out in today's competition. Surviving independently, work, and relationships are some other stress-causing factors.

To avoid the adverse effects of stress, it is necessary to combat it. Many stress management options are relatively quick, easy, and perfectly fit into students' lifestyles and types of stress. 

  • Proper sleep

The busy and stressful lifestyle causes improper sleeping habits. As a result, the students start lacking concentration in classes and interest in other activities. For example, the institutions must follow a proper online class schedule so that the students can adjust accordingly whether they teach online or offline. Many education apps provide such features. Students should aim to get at least 8 hours of proper sleep to decrease their stress levels and increase their productivity. 

  • Regular exercise

Exercising regularly is one of the best ways to combat stress. Stealing out some time from the busy schedule and investing in walking, biking, or yoga can prove fruitful in the long run. Exercising not only relaxes the mind but also the body. It increases mental and physical strength. Exercising regularly throughout your lifetime can help you stay stress-free and live longer. 

  • Envisage

The technique of creating images, graphical representations, or animations to communicate a message efficiently is visualization. Visualization can help the students to reduce stress easily and effectively. The deployment of guided imagery helps to calm down and detach from the factors resulting in stress. Visualizations allow the students to test where they stand and open the doors to improvisation.

  • Music therapy

A therapy that not only relieves stress but also calms the mind and stimulates it according to the environment. Listening to music to reduce stress has shown cognitive effects also. Students can tune into their favorite genre of music to harness maximum benefits out of it. 

  • Follow a healthy diet

A proper and managed diet serves many benefits that are ignored often. Students usually ignore a healthy diet and tend towards junk food and unusual eating habits. A proper healthy diet can drive mental energy and boost brainpower. By improving diet style, students can manage their stress levels effectively. 

  • Meditate

Meditating often leads to a serene mind and a state of relaxation. Meditation allows one to focus and get rid of unwanted thoughts that are the cause of stress. When the mind gets rid of unwanted thoughts, mental and physical well-being enhances. 

  • Optimistic attitude

"Be Optimistic" as the saying goes, positive thinking can lead to better circumstances and approaches to deal with a situation. An attitude of hope and confidence characterizes optimism. The attitude of positive thinking and optimism surely gets better grades, better health, relationships, and work opportunities.

  • Hobby Time

Due to their busy schedules, students don't get enough time to spend on their hobbies or favorite activities. Spending some quality time on their favorite activities, help the students to realize their interest areas and combat stress. It has been observed that people with stress rely on their favorite activities to combat it. 

  • Organize yourself

An unorganized messy room or study area deviates the mind and is also a reason for stress. When things are difficult to approach, it becomes one of the reasons for stress and leads to loss of productivity, time, and money. Decluttering your room, study area helps to relieve stress. A clean and tidy place gives a feeling of satisfaction, calms mood swings, and increases productivity. 

There is no doubt that the present teen generation is facing increasing levels of stress that can lead to serious adverse effects. Educational institutions, family, and society can play a crucial role in helping teens manage and combat their stress levels. Proper guidance helps to manage stress efficiently and effectively.